Series "Women"

Series "Fish"

The series “Women” and “Fish” evolved from a child’s drawing of 1995. Starting from the naive appearance of this first drawing, “Women”, in which the whole imagination and inventiveness of a 10-year-old is expressed, the idea of this illustration continually expanded and complemented itself with color surfaces as a contrast to the black and white appearance of the pattern itself. What was done with womens faces in the beginning for the serie “Women”, was experimented with different fish shapes, resulting in the serie “fish”

In occasion of the Young Illustrator’s Award both illustration series became an extensible and modular pattern. For this purpose the shapes were drawn on regular Post-It notes. As a result the modular components of this “impossible puzzles” can be repeatedly assembled. The antithetical juxtaposition of the rounded and chaotic composition of the pattern to the strictly defined geometric frame, forms an interesting contrast. The liberty of the composition however is guaranteed, in the independent arrangement of the individual modular parts of the puzzle. So from the predetermined parts an infinite number of different patterns can occur.